10 Tips To Make You A Smart Buyer When You Purchase A Used Product


Sometimes after getting fascinated with some things, we buy them without thinking for a moment. However, it is okay for new products but if you are thinking to purchase an old or used product, then never hurry to buy them, because things are different with old products than from a newer one. 

Therefore, to not let you get fooled by someone, here are some tips which will help you to get more from less and become a smart buyer.  

1.    Ask why he/she selling it. 

This is a general question, which will help you to know whether the person is a Genuine Owner or not of the product. He/She could sell you products of some other person, and it can cost you in the future. You will get to know about the valid reason upon that you can rely on and make the decision to buy the product.

2. Ask for what purpose it was used. 

It will help you to know the condition of the product, and also you'll get an idea about the product, how much you can expect from it in the future.

3. What kind of maintenance has taken care of.

If upkeep has taken for the product, then it will work fine, you won’t have to spend money regularly to repair it. There will be least problem in using it every now and then.

4. Research about the Product. 

Research properly about the product you are going to purchase because it will help you to know the current market prices of the product. If you buy a new product, what extra items come with the product, and what your seller is providing.

 5.    Inspect the product 

Check the product from every angle, look for any defects, problems and performance issues. If you find any flaws or working issues, then you should pass it and look for some other products.

 6.    Compare it to other similar products 

This process gives you the knowledge of the product's features; you will know what features other similar products have and what your product have that you're buying. Because sometimes (mostly) in the same price other products have more features than you are purchasing.

 7.    Go for products with warranty. 

It is always smart to purchase a product with a warranty(third party warranty too). Because if somehow your gadget/product gets some problem and stops working, then you can take it to the service center for reparation, where most of the times you might don’t have to pay anything.

8.    Never buy products without any agreement or bill. 

On an average 45% of people sells products that are stolen. Therefore, it is wise if you buy a product that has a bill, and if not, then make an agreement with the seller, so you don’t have any problems in the future.

9.    Always Negotiate.

If you negotiate, then there’s a chance you’ll have that product at a much better price. Don't be afraid to negotiate, because it will help you.

10. Use before you buy.  

This is a great way to check the performance of a used product. By using a product for a couple of days give you ideas about how good that product is and how long you can use it. Also, it will help you to find out any defects.


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