3 Things To Remember When You Buy A Used Camera

Whether you have a passion for capturing wonderful images of nature or you want to be a professional photographer or you have just started your Youtube channel to showcase your talent and get famous around the world, and your smartphone the camera it won't be enough to help you fulfil all your desires. However, purchasing a brand new DSLR or mirrorless camera is out of your budget. Therefore, you decide to buy an old or used camera from a random person or a friend. 

However, before you buy a used camera, there is something you should know, because of it would help you to get a nice working gadget, after all, you’re paying for it, whether it’s new or old. 

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when you buy a used camera. 

1.    For what purpose of the camera was used.

Whenever you go out or buy a used camera online, always remember to ask the seller that for what purpose the camera was in use (professional or private). It is always a smart choice if you buy a camera that was used for personal purposes. Because a camera that was used by a professional always out of its performance. A professional photographer took his/her camera for outdoor shoots, regularly replaces its lenses, and works more on it than an erratic user. 

2.    Check the shutter count for any defects.

A shutter count is the life meter of a camera, like a kilometer in a car, that shows how much distance a car has travelled so far, and what we can expect from it in the future. Similarly, shutter count in a camera gives us an idea about how many times it was fired to take shots. Shutter count of a camera that lies below the limit has more tendency to work in the future. Like a camera has a shutter count limit of about 65000, and it counts 30000, then we have 30K more shutters to fire in the future, and it's good to go.

3.    Never forget to Check the image sensor.

An image sensor in a camera is an essential part of it. If you buy a camera with a defective sensor, then it’s hard, or you wouldn’t be able to click remarkable photographs. Moreover, it’s the most costly hardware feature of a camera. Therefore, always check the camera sensor by taking closeup shots, checking it for dirt, deficiencies or faults. 

Always remember to use these tips when you buy a used camera, otherwise, you'll get fooled.

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