Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Smartphone

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Smartphone, Tips for buying a used smartphone


Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Smartphone


Buying a used smartphone is a great way to save money while upgrading to a better device. But it involves a few risks too like ensuring that it’s in a good condition and not stolen.

 Regardless of what smartphone you’re looking for, here are some tips to consider when buying a used smartphone:

1.Physical Condition


At the time of purchasing a second hand smartphone, make sure to properly examine it to avoid any physical damage. Careful inspection make sure that you don’t waste your money on a defective smartphone. Even slight scratch on a smartphone indicate that it may have the chances of internal damage.


2. Functional touchscreen


Touchscreen is the most important part in a smartphone. So, check thoroughly whether the touchscreen is working properly or not . Even new-looking devices may have defective touch screens. So, swipe your fingers across the screen and also select the UI elements to check whether it’s working or not.


3. Check the ports


Besides checking the physical damage, check all the ports too.

  • Use headphones to check if the audio output is fine.
  • Use a laptop to check if the USB port is working and that laptop is able to connect with the smartphone via USB cable for charging or data transfers.


4. Avoid buying smartphones purchased abroad

Always prefer to buy used smartphones that is initially bought in India. Smartphone makers usually don't offer warranty or repair services for smartphones purchased abroad.


5. Get the bill and all the in-box accessories

Original bill ensures that the phone is not stolen and can be easily repaired, if required. Also, ask for original accessories from the seller, if there are no original accessories included then you can negotiate with the seller to reduce the selling price a bit.


6. Look for Warranty

Prefer smartphones that are still within warranty. You can easily get this if you do some research as there are many people who continuously upgrade to new phones .


7. Check Camera

It’s one of the must check feature of the used smartphone. Ensure that the camera lens don’t have any scratches. Also, take 3-4 quick pictures from various angles to see whether the lens is working properly or not.


8. Get the Ideal price


At last, just check some local shops to check the current value of the smartphone you are planning to buy. This will help you to negotiate with the seller to reduce the selling price.