About Us

Hi Friends, we are a very very new company, formed by father and son (dropout) duo, ourselves consumers of internet, just started in 2017, with an IDeA to create something new and different ,like OF the consumers, FOR the consumers and BY the consumers, of Internet.

Frankly speaking, we do not have any reach as of now beyond Delhi NCR and we are Not funded by any financer like existing Giants of the industry ( you know the names ). We are first generation Entrepreneurs. But yes, we would love to expand ourselves in coming few months to entire India, and serve other consumers like us.

But yes, we promise you to deliver the best of its kind experience from our end. And yes, be assured that its a no nonsense website, where people just cannot put anything in the name of classified advertisement. We will always strive to control such things on our platform.

Who we are ? we started a company VC Ventures in 2015 which is already into selling spiritual and general books through online but we feel there is still a significant space in online classified ads website. So now we are trying to test our acumen to provide the best we have for our fellow consumers.